Join our conversation about a Kickstarter campaign I was apart of and I got my prize! Do you your friends suffer from TMI on Facebook posts. We witnessed parents fight at their child’s game. Facebook friends to thank. James Bond Movie SPECTRE review (no spoilers).

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Courtney travels to Washington DC, gets busted for touching the art, gets lost on the Metro and meets his podcasting idols, Mike O’Meara, Robb Spewak, Oscar Santana, Chad Dukes and Drab T-Shirt. His appearance went very well but his follow-up was a trainwreck. Listen to his journey and the fun he had with Bill from @NAPodcastUSA who drove Courtney all around DC and to Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern and to the Big ‘O and Dukes studios. Oh did I forget to mention Mark Swanson, Swanny Swanny Swanny!!!!

On this episode we review our appearance on O’MearaCast and the fun we’ve been having with all of the podcasts from the MORE Broadcast network.

We also discuss Swanny’s family being the non-cool family and his daughter avoiding them on her birthday. “Celebrating 911″? #NeverForget

My new viral promotion scheme (hint: business cards)

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