Black Mirror discussion from Netflix with @7DAGpodcast

Black Mirror is a series on Netflix that is a Twilight Zone kind of series that feature technology, phones and computers to highlight our modern struggles. Computers and phone advancements open up a wonderful world of opportunity; but what are the risks? Grant and Jay from the 7 Days a Geek podcast visit the QuadCast to discuss the series as well as some of the concepts and themes presented in the different episodes.

Grant @Insta_Grants2 and the Angry Ginger @s7evendaysageek from join the converation and bring an S-load of geek knowledge to this QuadCast.

From dog shoes to a heart attack in the sky; from USA to Britain with the final “Across the Pond.” So many places are mysterious and thrive on that title, but how wondrous are they? When we travel, what do we collect to commemorate the trip? My dog is on his last leg, but we give him a reprieve in life and he is no longer like Bambi. And another segment with our friends from the polite country of England. Swanny is flying again, and he is again around the center of another medical emergency. But it doesn’t take much to start drama when the sky waitress says “Are you a nurse?”

What do you do to commemorate your travels, do you collect anything?

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Interview with 2015 winner of Best Comedian of Chico Chris Bobertz @ChrisBobertz We talk about how he started and building his voice on stage and working within the Chico comedian community. Comedy inspirations and how he works with crowds. Bravery of stand-up comedy.

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Black Mirror from Netflix, Deadpool movie & a Geek Test are the topics with Jason @s7evendaysageek

The Angry Ginger

Host of 7 Days a Geek/Podcasting 101/Better Call Saul:A Companion Podcast. Married Father of 5. Comic Book Writer. Self-Publisher.

Black Mirror

S1 Ep1 – National Anthem

S1 Ep 2 Fifteen Million Merits

S1 Ep 3 “The Entire History of You”



1) studied a language on my own (+1)

2) indexed and catalogued any personal collection (+1)

3) studied an artificial language (such as Klingon) (0)

4) named a pet or child after a scientist, inventor, or technical term

after a gaming, literary, or B-movie character

after a mythological being (+1)

5) thought I could win a quiz show (+1)

6) written fan-fiction

written a fan film

produced, directed, and/or starred in a fan film (+1)

7) a subscription to a sci-fi or computer magazine (+1)

a nature or science magazine

to a games or gaming magazine

8) solved a Rubik’s cube


9) to a gamecon

to a comic con

to another kind of geek con (+1)

10) to any con as a cosplayer

11) to a LAN gaming party

12 ) in a fan club or on their mailing list (+1)

I HAVE… (2)

13) gamed in a tournament (0)

14) quoted Yoda in conversation or debate, at least semi-seriously (+1)

15 ) gone to the movies alone (+1)

16) gone to a movie dressed up like one of the characters (+0)

17) waited in line 2+ hours for movie tickets (+1)

for a new video game or technical gadget

18) argued about which “Star Trek” is the best (0)


19) any “The Companion to …” books (+1)

books based on Star Trek or Star Wars

all the Harry Potter books more than once

20) comic books of multiple ongoing series (+1)

graphic novels

21) manga (+1)


22) more Magic the Gathering cards (+1)

23) a real lightsaber (+1)

24) more computers (+1)

25) my own comic book store (+1)

26) ASIMO (0)

27) more friends (+1)

28) more RAM (+1)

29) to score well on this test (+1)

21/29 to this point


30) X-Files +1

31) Star Trek: The Original Series +1

32) Star Trek: The Next Generation +1

33) Star Trek: Voyager 0

34) Deep Space 9 +1

35) Babylon 5 +1

36) Farscape 0

37) Battlestar Galactica +1

38) Buffy the Vampire Slayer +0

39) Firefly +1

40) MST3K +1

41) Dexter’s Lab +1

42) Superhero cartoons (Batman, Superman, etc.) +1

43) Jeopardy +1

44) Quantum Leap +1

45) Doctor Who +0

46) Big Bang Theory +1

47) Red Dwarf +0

48) Highlander +1

49) Robot Chicken +1

50) Anime +1

51) Sci-fi Channel +1

52) bonus features on DVDs +1

40/52 so far

I HAVE SEEN (2+ times)…

53) Bladerunner (+1)

54) Clerks (+1)

55) The Dark Crystal (+1)

56) The Fly (+1)

57) Highlander: the movie (+1)

58) The Last Starfighter (+1)

59) The LOTR trilogy (+1)

60) the extended director’s cut (0)

61) The Matrix (+1)

62) Any Monty Python movie (+1)

63) All the Harry Potter movies (that are released at this point) (+1)

64)Princess Bride (+1)

65) Rocky Horror Picture Show (+1)

66) Spaceballs (+1)

67) TRON (+1)

68) War Games (+1)

69) Shaun of the Dead (+1)

70) Any Star Trek movie (+1)

71) All Star Trek movies (+1)

72) The Star Wars Original Trilogy (+1)

73) The New Star Wars Trilogy, despite JarJar (+1)

74) Transformers: the movie (the original cartoon) (+1)

75) Weird Science (+1)

76) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (+0)

77) Gattaca (+0)

78) 2001: A Space Odyssey (+1)

79) Comic Book: The Movie (+0)

80) Serenity (+1)

81) Donnie Darko (0)

82) Avatar (0)

83) Galaxy Quest (+1)

65/85 Total for Jason @s7evendaysageek

Jamie O’Connor – Flirting as a Geek (Stand Up Comedy)

George Michael – Careless Whisper (Official Instrumental) (In Stereo)

Star Trek Original Series Themes

star wars cantina

Immediate Music – Person of Interest (“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” Trailer 2 Song

The Lord of the Rings – Soundtrack – Main theme

Donald Trump rally report – Review X-Files Television show – Next installment of Across the pond with the Brits from @NTR_Official respond to interview questions. Bad sports parents who yell at their kids being negative
Trump Rally – Swanny’s experience there @Aneurysmnv and #AcrossThePond with @NTR_Official #PodernFamily #QuadCast

Trump Rally – Swanny’s experience there @Aneurysmnv and #AcrossThePond with @NTR_Official #PodernFamily #QuadCast
Swanny discovers Pinterest and attends a #Trump2016 Rally
Are deer cute or vermin? Swanny defends his property with land mines on this episode.
I have to face the fact I am proud to be a nerd. Playing board games at the ski lodge #7Wonders
“Divorced people TRY to stop understanding each other” and other actual fun stories
Dads who yell rotten things at their athlete daughters. Swanny encounters “them” again.
Quick review of the new X-Files show and Going to Trump Rally stories on this show. Swanny encounters cellphone “Rape Rates” enjoying the Super Bowl on his phone – How to Avoid those.
British folks really don’t know about Screen Doors? @NTR_Official Join us for another #AcrossThePond Brits – “How guilty do Americans feel about the treatment of the Indians?” We answer.
Brits – “Are there really Fast Food restaurants everywhere in the USA?” We respond. People don’t want to admit that hick attend the Trump rally and there is very little racial diversity. Trump election theme song takes America by storm viral marketing. Volleyball dad Swanny talks about his trip to Texas and the stuck stop adventures he had along the way.

Wolverine GPS (Stand Up Comedy) Kristin Key

People with no kids don’t know

Michael McIntyre

Donald Trump’s New Campaign Song Is Awful

Trump Election, 2016, X-Files

Donald Trump, Trump Rally, British, Election 2016

Podcast interview – Logo-New-3the movie “Inside Out” is the topic of discussion for Courtney & Dr. Mullen. How accurately does this move capture the emotional interplay within our minds. The discussion touches on what can happen to us if we are not aware of our feelings and if we don’t share our deeper feelings with the people in our lives. How to improve our day to day life by being aware of and honoring our own emotional experience and process. Discussion of Sadness, Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear can be missing surprise. Many psychologists do not recognize surprise as a necessary emotion. Couples communication is discussed. How men and women listen to each other differently. People often take their partner’s reactions personally. In this discussion we address how people can avoid responding to other people emotions without damaging their own relationships.

Dr. Colleen Mullen is from (among other things) her podcast Coaching Through Chaos she can also be found on twitter at

Inside Out, Therapy, Feelings, Follow up discussion, Dr., movie, pixar, disney, psychologist,

“Inside Out” Official Movie Site

“Inside Out” soundtrack can be purchased here

Guest from Washington DC Bill from @NAPodcastUSA shares his wealth of life experiences: being suspended from school, being the “Fan man” cheerleader, philosophy, relishing Weiner’s visit, meeting a hot chick while working at the DMV, investigative reports, Buzz is a term that is related to getting high, or does it mean news? English Premier League discussion, Soccer vs football, who finds it interesting, Bill does! Their show can be found on

Learning how to drink booze while watching to EPL soccer game. Antiquated drinking laws.

Get two buzzes a day watching the EPL.

Chris Rock – Mr Tossed Salad (vostfr)


“Across The Pond” is back. The bit where we speak to British chaps about their country and why they are so weird. The Nearly True Review podcast @NTR_Official answer our questions about England and we answer their questions. Swanny gets a service dog … what service? why and how? Courtney shares about his roadside calamity and the lessons he learned about cars and being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Let it Snow – Michael Buble

Citizenship Test – Stand Up Comedy Imran Yusuf

Bill Bailey We Are Most Amused